neuronal aggregate


The Hwang lab is interested in studying cellular morphogenesis by which the shape of a cell is established and adjusted to adapt to certain developmental or environmental changes. Cellular morphogenesis relies on the dynamic interaction of multiple cytoskeletal systems: microtubule cytoskeleton, actin cytoskeleton (also known as microfilament), as well as intermediate filaments. In addition to their cooperative function, each cytoskeleton element plays its unique role during morphogenesis. We are currently studying the function of cytoskeletons on neuritogenesis and axon regeneration. Our lab uses a variety of techniques, including cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and biophysics to study these processes. The image above is an aggregation of neurons derived from stem cells. The actin cytoskeleton is shown in red, the neuron-specific microtubule in green, and DNA in blue.




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