What we follow in the lab:

General Guidelines (click here)

Lab Meeting Schedule (click here)


Lab Reagents:

Antibody (click here)

Cell Line (click here)

Chemical Reagent (click here)

Oligonucleotide (click here)

Plasmid (click here)


Lab Equipments:

Microscope Sign-up Website (click here)

Nikon TIRF Fluorescence Filters (click here)

Olympus IX-71 Fluorescence Filters (click here)


Image Analysis Software:

NeurphologyJ (click here)

NeurotoxQ (click here)


Useful Links:


Allen Brain Atlas (mRNA transcript localization in the mouse brain) (click here)

BioGPS (gene expression profile in various tissues) (click here)

BioNumbers (database for biology-related numbers) (click here)

Current Protocols (useful bio-protocols, free for NCTU students) (click here)

IDT SciTools (primer, siRNA, shRNA design and analysis) (click here)


Writing Guides

The Elements of Style (a writing guide from William Strunk) (click here)

Preparing for Submission from ICMJE (a manuscript preparation guide from ICMJE) (click here)



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